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Osteoarticular Transfer System

The Osteoarticular Transfer System, or OATS, works to replace damaged cartilage within the knee with healthy cartilage from another area of the joint. This process relieves pain and restores movement and function to the joint.  The OATS procedure is a type of mosaicplasty–or procedure to treat severe damage to cartilage. Although cartilage is essential to smooth, painless movement of the joints, some areas have a more critical need for the support and cushioning provided by the cartilage. During the OATS procedure, small plugs of healthy cartilage are removed from areas of the joint that are not in critical need, and transferred to the area of damaged cartilage.

Patients with only small areas of cartilage damage make the best candidates for the OATS procedure.  Patients who have larger amounts of damage may not have enough healthy cartilage available to transplant.

Post-operative recovery will include a significant amount of physical therapy in order to relieve swelling, joint pain and restore the patient’s range of motion. Crutches will likely be needed for 6 to 12 weeks following the procedure.



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