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Elbow Cartilage Repair

The cartilage in the elbow keeps the joint moving smoothly and without pain. However, cartilage can wear down naturally over time or due to a previous traumatic injury. When the cartilage deteriorates, painful arthritis can occur.

When nonsurgical interventions are not enough to control symptoms, surgery may be needed. By the time arthritis can be seen on X-rays, there has been significant wear or damage to the joint surfaces. If the wear or damage is limited, arthroscopy can offer a minimally invasive surgical treatment. It may be an option for patients with earlier stages of arthritis.

Arthroscopy has been shown to provide symptom improvement at least in the short term. It involves removing any loose bodies or inflammatory/degenerative tissue in the joint. It also attempts to smooth out irregular surfaces. Multiple small incisions are used to perform the surgery. It can be done as an outpatient procedure, and recovery is reasonably rapid.

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